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本期共联想记忆雅思高频词汇 66 个,总计 1470 个。

101. expand

vt. 扩张;使膨胀;详述

vi. 发展;张开,展开

例:As the entrepreneurs gain experience, the enterprises can be gradually expanded and consideration can be given to increasing loan amounts.(剑4T3P1




n. 膨胀;扩张;阐述;扩张物

例:The creation of the commercial airline industry following the Second World War and the subsequent development of the jet aircraft in the 1950s signaled the rapid growth and expansion of international travel.(剑10T3P1




adj. 广阔的;扩张的;豪爽的

例:However, if cognitive laughter is the product of more general thought processes, it should result from more expansive brain activity.(剑5T2P2



extend  延伸,扩大 Extensive 广泛的,深远的)

enlarge  扩大

broaden  扩大,变阔,加宽

widen  加宽

extension  延伸

express  表达,快递

expression  表达

expressive  表现的,有表现力的

expulsion  驱逐,开除

explode  爆炸

explosion  爆炸

explosive  爆炸性的


102. extinct

adj. 灭绝的,绝种的;熄灭的

vt. 使熄灭

例:They have developed a hit-list of our main fears: that natural resources are running out; that the population is ever growing, leaving less and less to eat; that species are becoming extinct in vast numbers, and that the planet's air and water are becoming ever more polluted.(剑5T1P3




n. 消失;消灭;废止

例:‘It’s a mass extinction, and whether we will ever rebound from the loss is difficult to know.’ (剑4T2P1



annihilation  歼灭,毁灭 annihilate 消灭;nihilism 虚无主义)

eradication  消灭,根除(eradicate 根除)

elimination  消除,排除(eliminate 消除)

die out  灭绝

extinguish  熄灭

extinguisher  灭火器

instinct  本能,直觉

distinct  清楚的,有区别的

distinctive  有特色的

103. extra

adv. 特别地,非常;另外

n. 临时演员;号外;额外的事物;上等产品

adj. 额外的,另外收费的;特大的

例:The focus is on individuals, tweaking performances to squeeze an extra hundredth of a second here, an extra millimeter there.(剑6T1P1




adj. 非凡的;特别的;离奇的;临时的;特派的

例:I am extraordinarily impressed by the improvements we have witnessed,' says Randy Jacobs, a Southern California- based lawyer who has had to evacuate both his home and business to escape wildfires.(剑10T4P1




vt. 提取;取出;摘录;榨取

n. 汁;摘录;榨出物;选粹

例:Some corpora attempt to cover the language as a whole, taking extracts from many kinds of text; others are extremely selective, providing a collection of material that deals only with a particular linguistic feature.(剑4T3P3



added  增加的;额外的

additional  附加的,额外的


extraction  取出,抽出物

extractor  提取器,抽出者

abstract  抽象的;摘要,概要

abstraction  抽象概念

attract  吸引 

distract  使……分心

contract  v.收缩;n. 合同

retract  撤销;收回

intractable  难管教的;难治愈的



evacuate  疏散,撤离

evacuation  疏散,撤离

evacuee  被疏散者

withdraw  撤退,收回

retreat  撤退

104. facility

n. 设施;设备;容易;灵巧

例:From earliest childhood we are so bound up with our system of numeration that it is a feat of imagination to consider the problems faced by early humans who had not yet developed this facility (剑6T2P3参考译文:从小我们就对数数的系统十分熟悉,所以真得费尽心思才能想象出没有这种能力的先祖们的困境。



vt. 促进;帮助;使容易

例:Positive emotions facilitate the creative aspects of learning and negative emotions inhibit it.  (剑10T2P2




n. 科,系;全体教员

例:It is only when the faculty of smell is impaired for some reason that we begin to realise the essential role the sense of smell plays in our sense of well-being.(剑8T2P3



facile  温和的,灵巧的

facilitator  服务商,促进者

facilitation  简易化

promote  促进

boost  促进,使增长


inhibit  妨碍

prohibit  阻止

ban  禁止

forbid  禁止

hinder  阻碍

hamper  阻碍

block  堵塞,阻碍


impair  损害

damage  损坏

mar  损毁,玷污

destroy  毁坏

undermine  破坏


105. fault

n. 故障;[地质] 断层;错误;缺点;毛病;(网球等)发球失误

vi. 弄错;产生断层

vt. (通常用于疑问句或否定句)挑剔

例:Firstly, it reveals process faults upstream that can be corrected.(剑8T2P1




n. 瑕疵,裂纹;缺点;一阵狂风

vt. 使无效;使破裂,使有缺陷

vi. 生裂缝,变的有缺陷

例:The flaw in this theory lies in the lack of proof to support it. (剑10T3P2




n. 缺点,缺陷;不足之处

vi. 变节;叛变



n. 误差;错误;过失

例:As shown in Table 1 the unpredictable noise produced more errors in the later proofreading task than predictable noise; and soft, unpredictable noise actually produced slightly more errors on this task than the loud, predictable noise.(剑7T4P3



deficiency  缺陷,缺点

deficient  不足的,有缺陷的

deficit  赤字

mistake  错误

blunder  大错

omission  遗漏

deformity  畸形


predict  预测

prediction  预报

predictive  预言性的

predictability  可预测性

forecast  预报

foresee  预见

anticipate  预想



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